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Holiday Inn

Kaitlyn Sage as schoolteacher and ingénue Linda Mason brings both sincerity and spot-on comedic timing.

Alexa Roma, Leo Weekly


Laurey, the beautiful object of his affections, is given a sensitive portrayal by the lovely Kaitlyn Sage. She gives the role just the right mix of tough country girl and fragile young lady.

-Craig Nolan Highley, Broadway World

Sage is flawless in the role of Laurey, as her clear voice resonates throughout the audience in songs like "People Will Say We're in Love," with a brilliant chemistry with Skerchak, and "Many a New Day."

-Angela Ash, Destination Diaries

The Great American Trailer Park Musical

"Sage is terrific at keeping Pickles from being a mindlessly repeated blonde joke. That’s a tough nut to crack, but Sage pleases at every turn."

-Sierra Lodester, The Entertainment Weekly



“The three Heathers Bentz, Wilson, and Sage are girls you love to hate and have voices that would raise the roof.”

-Dennis Sparks, All Things Performing Arts


Anything Goes

“...played originally by the immortal Ethel Merman, but now memorably by a hometown girl done good, sassy Kaitlyn Sage. Sage is the complete package, one who can do it all with great range, holding the stage with her arresting presence. Sage is open and genuine before an audience, connecting without guile or artifice.”

-Jonathan Siegle, The Register-Guard


Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas

The actress portraying Nancy, Kaitlyn Sage, is particularly good at recreating her dramatic mannerisms, facial expressions and signature first position, chin-in-the-air stance.

-Natalie Silverstein, Mommy Poppins

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